The average production price for costumes is as follows.
The price varies depending on the complexity of the design.
The exact amount will be quoted.
Please request a quote.

*Listed in Japanese yen.

The total cost for the costume to reach you is as follows.
costume price + shipment cost + customs duties = total purchase price

■ costume price
    1)Standard type
Approximately 600,000 japanese yen(JPY)

    2)Inflatable type
Approximately 800,000 jepanese yen(JPY)

[Forex calculation site]
Use the site below to calculate the Japanese Yen and your local currency.

■ postage
Depends on the size of the costume and your location.
We will calculate at the time of quotation

Transportation method is international courier (DHL, etc.) or sea / air

■ Tariff
* May be required when importing into your country.
* Tax rates vary depending on your country and the situation at that time, so we cannot calculate it.
It may be necessary to receive your luggage.
If you want to know the tax amount in advance, please contact your country’s customs office.

If you have any questions, do not be shy and ask.