Company Overview

We are always striving to develop more comfortable costumes that are easy to perform, faithful to the original design of your character design.

Who We are

We were founded in Tokyo in 2002. Since our founding, we have been selling products not only in Japan but also overseas. Our products consist of costumes, plush toys, hand puppets, dolls for movie and photography, Big dolls for display, motion devices for gimmicks, and custom-made lighting units.

We always try our best to provide quality products that exceed your needs.
In addition, in order to correspond to the time of shooting and events, we also support production with extremely short delivery times. All for customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on product quality as well as support. A separate travel fee will be required, but delivery services by visiting customers directly, and maintenance services using international courier services (in some countries, companies that have business tie-ups with us locally) We are also performing maintenance, etc.

There are several other companies that make costumes in Japan, but there is no company that focuses on overseas as much as our company.
In addition, we are the only company that can make use of mechanical gimmicks and electric gimmicks, and can produce both standard and inflatable types in-house.

Our business philosophy is to manufacture products that exceed customer requirements and to work with customers all over the world without regard to the country.
We are always borderless, delivering high quality products to our customers and helping our customers develop their business.


・TOKYO(Head Office,studio,sewing factory)
Higashikanamachi 1-14-3,Katsushika-ku,TOKYO 125-0041 JAPAN

Customer Service:
Mr.Masaya hashimoto
※English conversation possible

・Saitama 1st factory(Manufacture of large shaped objects)
・Saitama 2nd factory and warehouse(Light work and storage)