Standard type

Our standard type costumes are made differently from other studios.
In other studios, polystyrene is often used as the base material, but we use polyethylene resin sheets.
Styrofoam is easy to process in various ways, but its durability is low, the internal space is narrow, it is difficult to replicate, and it is not suitable for making costumes.

We process polyethylene sheets with the heat press method to maintain accurate curves and high copy quality.
The advantage of using polyethylene sheet is that it can make a very thin shell, so the internal space is wide and very light.
In addition, since the polyethylene sheet is deformed by heat, it is easy to modify the deformation, has high resistance to solvents, and is very easy to maintain.
If you want design reproducibility and durability, we recommend our standard-type costumes!

Advantages of our original standard type
1. Very light
2. High durability
3. High reproducibility of design
4). Wide internal space (shell thickness is about2cm)
5). Accurate and easy to duplicate