Hello, world of customers!

“KIGURUMI” is the meaning of “mascot costume” in Japanese.
We are making mascot costumes in Tokyo, Japan.

We have been making mascot costumes since 2002. The total number we have produced is more than about 4,000.

do you know? In Japan, the police, the fire department, the army, the government agencies, etc. each have their own cute design characters.And each character has a mascot costume.
Of course, every company, school, hospital etc. are the same.

Japan is known to foreign countries for its largest production of characters and mascot costumes.

Japanese people are very sensitive to quality, and we have been making improvements after improvements.

Our Japanese customers are that we have high durability, high design repeatability, various complicated functions, more comfortable to wear, easy to carry, more compact storage, and easy maintenance We demand various things at a high level.

We would like to deliver these very high quality Japanese mascot costumes to customers in the world.

Please let us make your mascot costume.

First of all, it is okay to quote alone. We look forward to hearing from you.

KIGURUMI FACTORY(Operated by Medicopress.,Inc)